My Book “I Chose My Life” Is Published! Official Launch


Best photo for my bookGretta’s  Autobiography “I Chose My Life!” was first published in July 2014.  In it, she relates her own healing journey from trauma and struggle to healing and transformation.  The 2nd Edition (August 2015) is now available, see below.

Following is a Message from Angel Ariel for Gretta’s book, channelled by Stevan J. Thayer, Director of Centre of Being Inc. N.Y. July 2014.

In the spiritual journey of life, each soul is blessed by, and can grow from, many experiences. Some experiences are filled with ease and delight, while others are filled with pain and difficulty.  To the soul, there is no judgement.  Both types of experiences are filled with wonderful opportunities to have human experiences and to grow and develop from these experiences.  It is the human will that determines whether a difficult life is a barrier to the journey or grist to the soul’s spiritual mill.

The beautiful soul that you know by the name Gretta Murphy has lived and grown through many difficult life situations.  She used her strength of will and creative thinking to triumph over difficult life situations, and then go on to dedicate her life to helping others to do the same.

As her life was struck by tragedy, rather than crushing her spirit and stopping her forward movement, the tragedy served to cleave away what was unwanted and reveal the brilliance within.

This book is not only a testimony to Gretta’s personal transformation through difficulty, but it also serves as an inspiration that can help those who are faced with adversity transform their lives as well.”

You can now purchase the soft cover version, 2nd Edition of the book online via the paypal “Buy Now  Button below, and email Gretta:   If payment by cheque or postal order is preferable, please email, msg,what’s app or phone Gretta: 086-8347729


The Following are some Book Reviews:

1. Ann Clarke, County Cork.I just finished reading your book Gretta. It was a joy to read. Thank you for the story of your life. I’m so glad to know you and to have experienced you working on me and the trainings I did with you.What I particularly value about your book is that you address Ascension, The Monad, Religion and Spirituality in a very real way. I haven’t seen this done before.Also you have lived what you’ve written simply and clearly with no fluff. The other aspect of the book that impresses me is how simply yet powerfully you stand in your truth acknowledging it without any emotional sticky stuff. A pleasure and a privilege to read, thank you. And I’ll post this on Amazon too.2. Noreen McCarthy, CorkI woke at 6 am this morning and couldn’t wait to read your book – finished it this evening and boy! Did I enjoy it! It was brilliant – I couldn’t put it down once I started and I am not a book reader. I had to stop in between for cooking, shopping, but I was etching to get back to it. It really is a remarkable story!”3. Emma Power, WaterfordI started your book – it is very enjoyable and easy to read….. and very well written. (2 days later) I haven’t enjoyed a book so much in years!! I’m loving it. :-)))4. Joanie Hutchinson, Waterford“I started reading it last night – it brings you on a journey! So many talents Gretta. “5. Stan Phillips, Waterford“It is an extremely well written book. Easy to read and inspirational. What more could you ask? Namaste.6. Maureen Moran, Cork.Well done Gretta! Congratulations! Where do you get the energy from?Christine Mulvihill, Cork.It’s a wonderful read! I loved it! May it be a best seller!

7. Vanda Siva, Midleton   .Congratulations Gretta! Your book is wonderful!

8. Mel Murphy, Cork.   I am loving the book already! Thanks Gretta.

9. Regina, Ireland.    Your book is amazing!

10. Annette Cliffe Heather,Lismore, Co. Waterford.  Well done Gretta! I am loving the book – fantastic read!

11. Carolyn Daly, Goleen, West Cork.   Gretta, loving your book – congratulations! It is really a brilliant read!

12. Jane Shine, Sydney, Australia. (Jane would now like to train in IET!

I loved the book!  You are an inspiring, resilient and humble woman.

To ensure speedy delivery of the book, please email  your name and shipping address to me at  once payment is made – Thank you.

Tel. +353 86 8347729



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Pink Orbs Over Tramore


“Thanks for sending me the amazing photo from Tramore. In our new IET ascension process we work with our soul council who gathers around us to help us anchor the energy of the angels into our heart center. When I look at the amazing pink orbs of light that radiate in a circular manner in the sky in your photo, it feels the same way that I feel when I am surrounded by my soul council. What a beautiful angelic visitation.


(Stevan Thayer, Director of Center of Being Inc.,Channel for Angel Ariel and other Angels.)

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An Angel with a Message

Angel with a message

6th Dec 2011

Stevan Thayer, wrote: “Gretta, The photo you sent me is amazing. You have captured such a beautiful image. If you gaze on it a while you can see so many images appearing out of the clouds. The image of a little girl is very visible and to me she appears to be moving forward and looking back inviting others to follow. That is a perfect image of what you do in life as you lead others on their healing journey. I too believe it is an angel and the message she is giving you is to keep on leading the way!”

Stevan Thayer
Channel for Angel Ariel & other Angels
Founder of Integrated Energy Therapy(R)
Director of Center of Being Inc. Woodstock

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