Pink Orbs Over Tramore


“Thanks for sending me the amazing photo from Tramore. In our new IET ascension process we work with our soul council who gathers around us to help us anchor the energy of the angels into our heart center. When I look at the amazing pink orbs of light that radiate in a circular manner in the sky in your photo, it feels the same way that I feel when I am surrounded by my soul council. What a beautiful angelic visitation.


(Stevan Thayer, Director of Center of Being Inc.,Channel for Angel Ariel and other Angels.)

About Gretta Murphy

Gretta has been working as an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor for 21 years, and has over two decades of experience in a range of healing modalities which include, Reiki, Ki-Massage, Reflexology, Bio-Energy, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Magnified Healing and Access Consciousness® Bars. It is IET® however, that works miraculously in her life and her work. She has taught it extensively in Ireland, Belgium, Spain and throughout the Australian continent and is proud to have received the Top IET Teacher Award consecutively since 2003.
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