Why do we pray to angels? Aren’t we supposed to pray to God?

The angels don’t want us to worship them or make them into “gods.” They want all glory to go to God. So, we don’t pray to angels. We only request their help and have conversations with them.

Angels are a gift from God, and our Creator intends for us to benefit from His gift to us. So there is nothing wrong with engaging in conversations with
What about Jesus, Mother Mary, the Saints and Kwan Yin?

Gretta was raised as a Christian, and she continues to talk to God, Holy Spirit, Jesus the angels and saints. She consults them before, during and after every one of her healing sessions and readings.  She also knows that many people have suffered painful experiences in organized religious settings. Gretta respects everyone’s right to worship in whatever way they prefer. She does, however, believe that everyone benefits from having some sort of a spiritual path and a belief in a loving God.

People of all faiths and cultures believe in angels, and Gretta’s private sessions and workshop participants come from all sorts of religious and non religious backgrounds.

Magnified Healing, brought forth by Master Lady Kwan Yin,  is being taught in 84 countries in the world where participants represent many different religions – and they are all ONE as we are.
Integrated Energy Therapy(R) is currently being taught in 76 different Countries.

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