Cork & Waterford based healing therapist Gretta Murphy

Gretta’s Background

An International Spiritual healer and Teacher for over 20 years is also an Integrated Energy Therapy(R) – IET, Master Instructor and Trainer. Gretta, now living in Tramore, Co. Waterford,  grew up in the pretty coastal village of Eyeries in the Beara Peninsula, West Cork, Ireland

Even as a young child, Gretta had a deep awareness of her own spirituality. She has many early memories of being present at the bedside of dying neighbours and relatives. She recalled one vivid experience from when she was around ten years old, when she perceived the pillar of her neighbour’s gate briefly transform into a rainbow of beautiful lights. She learned shortly afterwards that her neighbour had, in fact, ‘passed on’ at that time. At the age of fourteen her mother brought her to a convent with a view to her entering as a novice. She spoke of her relief when she was rejected due to her young age, because she had always known that she would like to get married.

Upon finishing school, Gretta completed a secretarial course in Cork and shortly afterwards left for London. There she worked as a secretary until she married and had four children. She returned to live in Cork in 1972.   When her marriage ended in 1979 she began working as a legal secretary and in 1982 took up a post at IBEC as information assistant in the area of labour law.

After a career spanning seventeen years there, she left in July 1998 to embark upon a full-time career in healing. Gretta first became interested in healing when she encountered health problems of her own. “I seemed to be suffering from a form of severe, prolonged exhaustion. I can remember going to work and being so tired by lunchtime that I would spread out a towel on the floor to rest. I thought I might have ME. I knew that I needed to heal myself“. Gretta was drawn to different energy therapies and as her health recovered she studied to become a practitioner in many of these, including reflexology, reiki, ki massage, bio-energy healing, vortex healing, Touch for Health.  Gretta also spent eight days in a transformational healing in Sedona, Arizona in 1997.  She also attended Intensive healing and training for three weeks in The Rocky Mountain Mystery School, Utah.  There she trained in Astral Travel, Sacred Geometry Gifts, of the Spirit and the  22 Strand King Solomon DNA Activation.)

Gretta left her full time job in July 1998 and nearing the end of her first year of her full time healing career, she came to the stark realization that she was not making a living from this line of work. Rather than give in to feelings of despondency, she recalls once again placing her fate in the hands of the angels and made a conscious decision to stop worrying. “I asked ‘if this is my destiny to continue, please show me the way‘. I completely handed over my request and felt a great sense of peace; I no longer had to struggle.”

Sure enough, her prayers were answered within weeks in the form of a man called Jim Zarnowski from the US. Jim was a Master-Instructor in a therapy known as Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), which is a form of healing using the energy of angels. At Gretta’s request, Jim came to Ireland in October 1999 and taught at her centre in Cork. The therapy proved popular and before the month was out Gretta travelled to Woodstock, New York to study the Master Instructor course with Stevan J Thayer, the founder of IET. Gretta went on to teach IET in Antwerp, Brussels, from East to West Australia and in Spain, as well as most counties of Ireland. Gretta now also teaches the IET Master-instructor training.

Gretta explained to me that Integrated Energy Therapy(R) can be learned and practiced by anyone. It is a therapy that works with the energy of angels to clear suppressed emotions that may be held in the body at a cellular level. IET practitioners believe that suppressed emotions are the primary cause of illness in the body and that they may even be the result of trauma experienced in childhood or a past life.  Gretta reports that many clients experience a great sense of peace during and after a session which facilitates deep cellular healing. She claims to have had great success in treating illnesses such as depression, arthritis, bulimia, viral infections, psoriasis, ulcers, emotional problems and alleviating pain.  Using her knowledge, wisdom with clients, some people who were going through a marriage or relationship break-up experienced deep peace and in some cases, cancelled divorce proceedings and renewed their relationship with renewed serenity.

Gretta has since been teaching IET also throughout Europe and Australia (East and West).

Gretta is a petite woman, neat and softly spoken. She possesses the tranquil composure often seen in those with a highly developed spirituality.  As my interview with Gretta drew to a close, she suggested we perform an ‘angelic heartlink’ as a nice end to our meeting. With eyes closed, her calm instruction guided me to send a golden thread of love and gratitude to my angels, then to receive their love into my heart and internal organs and finally to beam out the love to loved ones, friends, family and all humanity. As I began to settle into the meditation, strangely enough I did become aware of a sensation like white light streaming into the top of my head. Overactive imagination? Quite possibly. Less explainable was the feeling of a benevolent ‘presence’ above me and a change to my spatial perception of the room.  Some may put it down to an easily suggestible personality. But, who knows? Maybe I just had my first meeting with an angel.

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Living in idyllic natural seaside surroundings of Croi na Feile, Tramore; Gretta’s gaze is often taken to the skies for Cloud Scrying often depicting Angels and Orbs

Healing Angel with a message

6th Dec 2011

“An Angel with a message”

The photo you sent me is amazing. You have captured such a beautiful image. If you gaze on it a while you can see so many images appearing out of the clouds. The image of a little girl is very visible and to me she appears to be moving forward and looking back inviting others to follow.  That is a perfect image of what you do in life as you lead others on their healing journey. I too believe it is an angel and the message she is giving you is to keep on leading the way! Blessings,


Message from Stevan Thayer, Director of Center of Being Inc., Woodstock and Channel for Angel Ariel and other Angels:

“Thanks for sending me the amazing photo from Tramore. In our new IET Ascension process we work with our soul council who gather around us to help us anchor the energy of the angels into our heart center.

When I look at the amazing pink orbs of light that radiate in a circular manner in the sky in your photo, it feels the same way that I feel when I am surrounded by my soul council. What a beautiful angelic visitation.”

You can read more about Accession orbs in Stevan Thayers article on “Gratitude – Preparing Your Life For Accession”


Blue sky

Journeying to Unity

“What a beautiful photo.  You are blessed to live at Croi na Feile.  The photo gives me the feeling of “journeying to unity.”  Stevan Thayer.







Since 2000, Gretta has been instrumental in introducing Integrated Energy Therapy(R) to Ireland, Belgium, Spain and Australia, from Perth W.A. to Byron Bay, N.S.W.   In November 2016, Gretta taught the first IET Master-Instructor training in Byron Bay.

In 2015, Gretta had the pleasure of accepting the position of Integrated Energy Therapy(R) Master-Instructor Trainer offered to her by Carol Armitage and Stevan Thayer, Directors of The Center of Being Inc., Woodstock, New York. She will be teaching additional IET classes, e.g. IET Master-Instructor Training.

See ‘Classes’ for details.

Gretta is a Channel of Light supporting the Co-Creation of the New Golden Age on Earth. For over 20 years, she has been involved in healing for herself and others, teaching nationally and internationally.


You can also read about Gretta on the Complimentary Therapists page.



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