Cork & Waterford based healing therapist Gretta Murphy

Gretta’s Autpbiography “I Chose My Life!” book launch at the Book Centre, Waterford in August 2014.

My IET Journey throughout Ireland, Europe & Australia 2000 –  2020

From 1982 I was employed by the Irish Business and Employers Confederation, (IBEC) Cork, Ireland, in the area of Labour Law, as Information Assistant until July 1998.I was also a single mother with four young children.

In 1991, I began training in therapies e.g. Ki Massage, Reflexology, Bio Energy, Reiki, On-site Massage, EFT and Magnified Healing. I also taught workshops entitled “Deep Relaxation & Healing” in Ireland and in the U.K.  These workshops included information from many areas of personal development, spiritual growth, and healing e.g. guided meditation, sharing healing techniques, information on the Journey of the Soul and Life in the Spirit World.

In July 1998, after 17 years working in IBEC, I left my job to work full-time with my healing therapies and my “Deep Relaxation and Healing” workshops.  By June 1999, I was not making a living from my healing practice.  One day, I said a Prayer to God in my garden as follows:

“I have given up my job, spent £7000 training in healing therapies and I am not making a living. Please let me have a “Way of Life” where I can be of service to people AND make a living?”.  I then completely handed it over to God.

Within a few weeks of saying that Prayer, I met a man called Jim Zarnowski at a Workshop. He was from New Jersey, U.S.A.  He was a Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy® – IET(R). Realizing that I facilitated healing workshops, he offered me a treatment in Integrated Energy Therapy® –  Healing with Angels.  I experienced a profound yet gentle healing – I felt transformed and realized that this had the potential to be an answer to my Prayer in the Garden.

I then invited Jim to teach in my Cork Healing Centre.  There were four of us attending the training in August 1999. After that, my clients were eagerly booking appointments for this new therapy. It was gentle, it was a cellular healing and it got the “issues out of the tissues” for good!

Realizing that IET was such a valuable gift, I decided to do everything possible to share it with as many people on the Planet as possible.

In spite of a shortage of finance, I decided to increase my Credit Union loan and invest in the following:

  1. I took a Stand at the Mind, Body & Spirit Expo in Cork Sept. 1999.
  2. I got brochures and business cards printed.
  3. I joined Business Network International – meetings were held weekly, where each participant spoke for two minutes and once a month, spoke for 10 minutes. I spoke about IET, healing with Angels.

Through BNI, I commissioned a website, ensuring that I included all details about Integrated Energy Therapy®, including my training dates, with a link to website.

IET Master-  Instructor Training in Woodstock, N.Y.
I trained in the IET Master-Instructor level with Stevan Thayer in October 1999.

Why I found IET to be different to all my other Therapies:
It is healing at a cellular level e.g. it gets the “issues out of the tissues” for good.  I dedicated my life to studying and preparing to practice and teach IET.  This new journey also became a journey within. My spiritual journey over the years was now greatly enhanced by the IET attunements in my private practice and my teaching.

Private Practice
The realisation of the unique effectiveness of IET was apparent from the beginning.

Client with ulcer in her leg:
Mary, in her 60s, was in a lot of pain for many years with this ulcer. After her first IET treatment, she experienced a great relief of tension in her body. During her second IET treatment, she saw her parents when she was eight years old. She then told me that they both died when she was eight. The pain and grief she experienced following the loss of both her parents was suppressed and manifested in her leg ulcer in later life.

After subsequent IET treatments, the ulcer was completely healed.

Many clients found complete healing from depression. Some occasionally came for further healing sessions and others took the IET training so they could treat themselves and others.  Other testimonials:

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In accordance with her training with Avalon Health & Safety, Gretta’s Policy is to give treatments and training to all those who request it and have been vaccinated against Covid 19.

IET Training in Ireland
In January 2000, I taught my first IET class in Cork – there were 14 people attending.
In February 2000, I co- taught with Jim Zarnowski, as agreed, in Julianstown, Co. Meath – there were 14 people. On a monthly basis, I taught IET classes throughout Ireland, e.g. Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Clare, Ballina, Mayo, Kerry and Waterford. Over the years, I gave presentations about IET and I accepted all invitations to speak on Radio Stations in Ireland and Worldwide.

IET Master-Instructor Training in Ireland – 2001.
As students were eager to teach IET, in 2001, I invited Stevan Thayer to teach the IET Master Instructor training in Cork and also in Dublin.

Europe – Antwerp & Brussels IET Training, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced & Master-Instructor
In 2002, I was invited to teach in Antwerp, Belgium by Johan Spruyt, Reiki Master.  As news began to travel, I was again invited to return to teach a 2nd class in Antwerp.  There were 10 people in each of these classes. The students were so enthusiastic about sharing IET with more people in Europe, then asked “How can we teach IET®?”  From the class, I phoned Stevan Thayer in Woodstock, N.Y. and asked him if he would travel to Antwerp to teach the Master-Instructor training and he agreed!  There was a big cheer from the class!

I subsequently joined Stevan in Antwerp for the Master-Instructor Training.  Over the next two years, I also accepted two invitations to teach IET classes in Brussels.

Perth, Australia 2002
In December 2001, I traveled to Perth, W.A.  to spend my Christmas holiday with my son, Justin.  While there, I paid a visit to a local market.  There was a man giving “On site Massage” – I booked a session with him.  After that, he asked me what I did for a living. I told him that I was a practitioner and teacher of IET – healing with Angels. He immediately, said “why don’t you contact Jill Ilott, she is the Director of Alternative Therapies and Holistic Fairs in Western Australia.“ I contacted Jill  –  and as a result of advertising in Jill’s Holistic Exhibitions, an IET class was arranged for Perth, W.A. May 2002. I was delighted as this was also an opportunity for me to see Justin, who helped me in so many ways, without which teaching in Australia would not have been possible.

Malaysia & Singapore
Also, through my website, I had previously been contacted by a man from Malaysia as he was interested in the training. He subsequently booked the May training in Perth as well as a lady from Singapore. Seven people attended this, yet again, another amazing IET training.

Spain – February 2005
n 2005, I accepted an invitation from former students, then living in Spain, to share a stand with them at a Holistic Fair in Marbella, Spain.  There I received an invitation to give IET appointments at an “Open Day” in Mistyanne Healing Centre, Fuengirola, Costa del Sol.  As a result of those experiencing IET treatments there, I subsequently was requested to teach IET in Spain.  Dates were arranged and I taught seven very enthusiastic people in that Healing Centre.  There were often challenges when teaching abroad but irrespective of the outcome, I always knew that the Angels supported me and Stevan Thayer always knew that I acted with confidence and integrity.

In 2006, Stevan wrote to me:
“Gretta, I know you are one of the most experienced and prolific teachers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to IET and to the Angels.”

June 2006.

My IET Training continued monthly in Ireland and Stevan Thayer returned every year to teach the IET Master-Instructor training until April 2012. I am now one of seven Master-Instructor Trainers in Ireland.

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, November & December 2012
In the Spring of 2012, Angel Ariel also had plans for me! I received a telephone call from Melinda in Byron Bay asking me if I would teach IET there. Melinda needed help and healing and went online where she found the IET website  There she found a link to Angel Ariel, “Need Angelic Support” and as a result of inserting her request, such was her immediate relief and healing, that she contacted me to invite me to Byron Bay to teach IET there. I accepted stating the numbers I would require in order to travel. She advertised training dates for October and November 2012 and I submitted articles about IET in Holistic Newspapers and Magazines.

Why I Changed my Flight – $400 extra!
IET training dates and venues for me to teach the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced IET levels were arranged.  A few days before my flight to Brisbane, NSW, I found out that I would be a day late to be interviewed on Bay fm radio to give a presentation saying that IET was scheduled to be taught in NSW for the first time ever!  So, with short notice, I succeeded in changing my flight to the previous day, costing $400 extra. An interview was then arranged for Melinda and myself with Bay fm. As always, when I am interviewed on Radio, I shared the Angelic Heartlink of healing with all the listeners. That Angelic Heartlink reached far and wide. One of those people was Nadeen Larkin, who immediately arranged a group at a venue where I could give a presentation. During that visit I taught 8 people over two weekends before returning to Perth. The Angelic Heartlink miraculously reached another lady – see Returning to Byron Bay –  below!

Perth W.A. 2012

In November 2012, I gave a presentation at a Holistic Centre in Perth which resulted in teaching an IET class to 4 very enthusiastic people. By popular request, I also taught an IET for Kids class.

Returning to Byron Bay, NSW – Miracles of the Angelic Heartlink!
As I was preparing to return home to Cork, I had a phone call from a lady in Byron Bay saying:

“Would you please return to Byron Bay as there are 7 people here who would love to take the training!”  She explained that she was listening to my interview on Bay fm and as a result of the healing she received from the Angelic Heartlink, she not only requested to take the training for herself but also there were six other people interested!  She said “I could paper my walls with certificates but I have never received such a healing as I received from the Angelic Heartlink you sent out on Bay fm.” How could I refuse!  So, in December 2012, I cancelled my flight to Cork and instead booked my flight to Coolangatta airport,  NSW.  Once again, I had great pleasure in teaching IET to seven very enthusiastic people.

IET Master Instructor Training in NSW
In November 2016, due to repeated requests, I  gladly returned to Byron Bay to teach the IET Master-Instructor training.

 I would like to emphasize the manifestations that resulted from the IET  “Need Angelic Support ?“ and the “Angelic Heartlink,” regarding my IET classes in Australia: 

Need Angelic Support?
 In the Spring of 2012, the healing that Melinda received from this  “Need Angelic Support” in the website, was what guided her to contact me to teach IET in NSW where I first taught IET to seven people.

The Angelic Heartlink which I shared with Radio Listeners on Radio Bay fm, NSW, the Healing from which resulted in my return to teach a further seven People in NSW December 2012.

 IET – an Answer to my Prayer in the Garden
It is with much gratitude to the Healing Angels that not only was my Prayer in the Garden answered in ways that I never thought possible but that practicing & teaching IET has helped me to contribute to Angel Ariel’s Mission which is to Heal the World, One Heart at a time.

I would like to show my heartfelt appreciation to Stevan Thayer who has supported me in my IET journey, every step of the way at home and abroad

 In 2019, Stevan wrote: Gretta, you have and astounding teaching record and have blessed so many students with your gifts. You are truly helping the Angels heal the world one heart at a time!   I fondly remember when you organised my first IET classes in Ireland (one in Cork and one in Dublin). It was clearly what the angels wanted as Ireland now has one of the largest IET communities in the world.”   September 2019.

Gretta: I would like to thank my daughters Julie and Karen, sons David & Justin for the help and support I have received from them in relation to social media, flight bookings, airport trips, website design, premises for classes.

A special thank you to my son Justin, Perth, without whom teaching in Australia would not have taken place;  for assistance with flight bookings, trips to and from airports, accommodation, subsistence, brochures,  taking class bookings and  much more.

Gratitude and much Love, Mum.


 Since the arrival of Covid 19, in accordance with my training with Avalon Health & Safety, I am now giving private sessions and training to those who request it and have been vaccinated against Covid 19.  Treatments include Angel card readings and, where needed, clearing entities and releasing cords and hooks.

Living in idyllic natural seaside surroundings of Croi na Feile, Tramore; Gretta’s gaze is often taken to the skies for Cloud Scrying often depicting Angels and Orbs

Healing Angel with a message

6th Dec 2011

“An Angel with a message”

The photo you sent me is amazing. You have captured such a beautiful image. If you gaze on it a while you can see so many images appearing out of the clouds. The image of a little girl is very visible and to me she appears to be moving forward and looking back inviting others to follow.  That is a perfect image of what you do in life as you lead others on their healing journey. I too believe it is an angel and the message she is giving you is to keep on leading the way! Blessings,


Message from Stevan Thayer, Director of Center of Being Inc., Woodstock and Channel for Angel Ariel and other Angels:

“Thanks for sending me the amazing photo from Tramore. In our new IET Ascension process we work with our soul council who gather around us to help us anchor the energy of the angels into our heart center.

When I look at the amazing pink orbs of light that radiate in a circular manner in the sky in your photo, it feels the same way that I feel when I am surrounded by my soul council. What a beautiful angelic visitation.”

You can read more about Accession orbs in Stevan Thayers article on “Gratitude – Preparing Your Life For Accession”


Blue sky

Journeying to Unity

“What a beautiful photo.  You are blessed to live at Croi na Feile.  The photo gives me the feeling of “journeying to unity.”  Stevan Thayer.







Gretta is a Channel of Light supporting the Co-Creation of the New Golden Age on Earth. For over 20 years, she has been involved in healing for herself and others, teaching nationally and internationally.

You can also read about Gretta on the Complimentary Therapists page.




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