22 Strand King Solomon DNA Activation – Waterford & Cork

Gretta trained in the 22 Strand King Solomon DNA Activation at the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, Utah in 2005

Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a Divine being. It is God-given, holy, and sacred, and defines the uniqueness of you. Your DNA contains the blueprint for your life purpose and divine potentialities.  It literally holds the script to your life! The 22-strand activation will give you answers to such questions as: Why am I here? What are my gifts and talents? Where did I come from? Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing in my life? And more…

What Happens when I receive the King Solomon 22-Strand DNA Activation?

The Master Cell, located in the pineal gland, begins to physically transmute over time, clearing itself of any cellular or genetic abnormality.  Eventually it transforms itself into a perfect cell.  All the cells in your body take their petterning from this Master Cell.  As your old cells die off, new cels continually regenerate to replace them according to the blueprint of the Master Cell.  Whatever cellular or genetic mutations exist encoded within the Master Cell at the time of regeneration will transmit to the newly forming cell. Note:  Every cell in your body egenerates at least once every seven years.  Imagine living in a body with every cell perfect!

Why haven’t I heard about the King Solomon DNA Activation before? Until recently the information regarding DNA Activation has remained accessible to only a few – the initiates of mystery schools, certain spiritual masters and holy persons dedicated to serving the Light.  Today, activation of your DNA to the 22nd Strand comes as an offering fromn the spiritual realms to all of humanity.

How Does this Activation affect my family? You can consider your DNA as a form of family karma because your ancestors passed it to you, and you in turn will pass it on.  Any change in your genetic structure will affect three to five generations backwards into the past as well as forwards into the future.  Therefore, any alteration in your DNA will likewise affect the DNA of those persons within this six to ten generation span, living or deceased.  In the case of the deceased, the soul body (a physical body, although of much lesser density than the one we experience) will receive activation.  The King Solomon activation also works laterally in your family tree to include all of your siblings to the extent that they share your genetic heritage.  As a result, the DNA Activation clears family karma of genetic patterns for physical and mental diseases as well as certain behavioural karma like feelings of victim-hood and unworthiness.

How Does this Activation affect me? Your DNA structure has three components: 1.   The maternal genetic pattern 2.  The paternal genetic pattern 3.  Your own unique personal karmic pattern. This Activation clears all three components in the person who received the activation.  Please note, however, that this will not clear the personal karmic patterns for others due to the Universal Law of Free Will.  Thus the maternal and paternal genetic patterns will clear for your ancestral lineages though not their personal, karmic patterns.

How does this Activation affect my children? The descendants of a woman receiving activation will clear the maternal genetic patterns though neither the paternal genetic patterns nor the personal karmic patterns will clear for them.  The descendants of a man receiving activation will clear the paternal genetic patterns though neither the maternal genetic patterns nor the personal karmic patterns will clear for them.

Does King Solomon DNA Activation heal me? This Activation does not constitute a healing in itself but rather an empoiwerment that can aid you in your own healing process.  Most anyone may receive the activation. What Benefits may I expect to get from the King Solomon 22-Strand DNA activation?

Benefits of 22-strand activation:

It enables you to have more energy Facilitates greater utilisation of your brain capacity

Strengthens your immune system

Empowers you to bring forth latent powers and abilities

Creates a greater opening for connection with your Higher Self

Enables you to bring in and hold more Light in the physical body

It clears encoded cellular, genetic and karmic patterns

Releases unconscious patterns stored within your body

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